Saturday, 9 March 2013

Start of spring

Heeey everyone!. So spring is coming up and so I just wanted to show you some of my favourite accesories and my favorite clothes a.t.m.
I absolutely love the combination of the black leggings, brown boots and the orange crop top with leather jacket.
I got the owl watch from the christmas market at southbank last year and I absoltely adore it! It is so handy to bring with you when you are on an airplane (which I am constantly) so you always know the time even if you´re phone is off! I really like these earrings because of their simplicity but they still look so stylish!! I think thez perfectly suit the look! This (and I can speak from experience) is also a perfect travel outfit. It is soo comfortable but you still look really stylish I believe.
What do you guys think??? Comment in the section belooow
I hope you all havea great weekend and enjoy spring! I will see you next time!! XOXOXO

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