Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Hey everyone. Who else here always wanted to have curls. Well I DID!! I used to always get up in the morning at around 6 0'clock. ( I should only have to get up at 7) to start curling my hair. Afterwards though the result was often not what I wanted to be. After watching a lot of heat-free curl tutorials I went to the cosmetic store and bought curlers. NOW THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I can just roll them in in the evening after showering and just take them out at 7 in the morning. And this is the result. I would so recommend this to everyone! They are around £3 for a pack of around 12 curlers which is more than enough if you have thick hair like I do. So if you have always wanted to have curls just use this method. It is the easiest thing ever! I hope you guys have fun and please do post pics of the results!!

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